PREMIERE: Watch BLU SHORTS’ new video for “Get Bat”

Calgary art-punks BLÜ SHORTS tune into a VHS-warped alternate dimension.

March 14, 2016

Calgary’s BLÜ SHORTS blast out abrasive, no wave-indebted art-punk with splatters of neon in their cybergoth sound. So far the quartet featuring members of Hag Face have only released a cassette from Victoria’s Shake! Records (with production help from punk exploder Renny Wilson). The group’s latest video doesn’t offer much clarity to their science friction.

“Get Bat” sets the analogue abstractions of director Ryan Von Hagen inside visual artist Sasha Foster‘s ‘Alien Worlds’ installation at Calgary’s Stride Gallery. The washes of colour and VHS-warped effects combined with Foster’s extraterrestrial objects feel like tuning into late night cable access from somewhere even further out than Winnipeg.

Watch the video below:

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