PREMIERE: Watch Bonnie Doon’s new video for “Pizza Shark”

The Ottawa sludge-punks warn about the perils of their favourite greasy slice.

December 9, 2015

Ottawa’s double bass slinging sludge-punk divas Bonnie Doon serve up a hot, saucy, and cheesy video for “Pizza Shark.” This tribute/warning to their favourite late night slice first appeared on the band’s breakout EP An Affair To Imagine from cassette/vinyl/patch vendors Bruised Tongue.

Set live on location (!) at Ottawa’s Pizza Shark during open hours, the band takes over, throwing crusts and getting stringy. “The song is about how dangerous it is to eat at Pizza Shark,” warns guitarist Mad Dawg Watson, who was rocking hard and eating questionable cheese while six months pregnant during the shoot. “We’ve had friends find rubber bands and metal screws in their pizza from here.”

“The pizza is not good… but it is cheap and right down the street from a couple show houses. It’s hard to resist at 2 a.m.,” explains second bassist Gina Vinelli. “Coming from Edmonton – and the real Bonnie Doon – I didn’t really know any better so I started eating here…” Other scary tales of Pizza Shark include discmans being thrown at clerks by angry customers looking for a pizza trade and sauce that’s made out of Campbell’s tomato soup.

Singer/bassist Lesley Marshall pulls double duty as the video’s director. It also features slices of stop motion animation and art direction by Phil Osborne and Jennie Lynn MacDonald.

Catch these pizza punks in Montreal on Friday, December 11th with Snooker Emporium and Soft Opening at The Drones Club and in their hometown of Ottawa on Saturday, December 12th for the anti-Christmas party show with Neck and Average Times at the Dominion Tavern. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for a new Bonnie Doon full-length album set for a 2016 release.

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