PREMIERE: Watch Dead Broke rip through a live off the floor rendition of ‘Bullet’

March 26, 2015

Young punks Dead Broke are a band whose sound belies their age. In their short time together, they’ve taken an impromptu tour through Europe, torn up local stages opening for bands like White Lung and Restorations and, with just two albums under their belt, seem poised to keep their new reign of destruction going.

Seeing their potential, Converse invited Dead Broke in for a Rubber Tracks session. They turned out a few songs in that ten hour session, all live off the floor, but “Bullet” is the best of the bunch. We think so, anyways, which is why we’re premiering its live video exclusively today.

Shot and recorded live off the floor by Yoshi Cooper and Brittany Farhat, the live video for “Bullet” captures the kind of ferocity fans have come to know from their live show. Even more so than on their self-titled debut, this raw rendition of “Bullet” rides the caustic snark of a sound twenty years their senior, bringing in a bit of a Dead Kennedys-edge as filtered through the kind of angst and frustration that can only build in a suburb that’s just far enough out of the city to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Dead Broke is out now.

Catch them during Canadian Music Week at Lee’s Palace with the Orwell’s on May 6th, or a few days later on May 9th with the Dune Rats at the Silver Dollar.

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