PREMIERE: Watch Dead Soft’s video for “Everything”

August 13, 2014

While Dead Soft are no newcomers to Vancouver’s ever-exploding music scene—they’ve released a handful of EPs and cassettes brandishing their grungy take on guitar pop—we’ve long been awaiting a long-player from the power trio. And the band has been slowly leaking details about their debut: They announced that they’d be releasing the album on August 30 via venerable DIY label Kingfisher Bluez, one of our fave imprints in Canada. (It was recorded at the Noise Floor in Gabriola, B.C., natch.) Next, they dropped a distortion-heavy, mid-tempo banger in “Never Forever.” And now, with the records in hand, they’ve announced a record-release show with the Courtneys and today, we’re stoked to debut their brand-new video for “Everything.”

Directed by Alex Ross and motion designer Gary Duong, the video starts out simple: It features bandmembers Nathaniel Epp, Keeley Rochon, and Graeme McDonald playing on a white backdrop. But then, like the band’s music, things get messy—a food fight breaks out. Someone tosses a giant bag of popcorn on screen. A head gets shaved, Empire Records style. Check the video above, and pre-order the record right here.

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