PREMIERE: Watch JAL’s NSFW video for ‘Rein Drain’

The glamdrogynous sextraterrestrial being JAL appears in a nightmarish, NSFW video.

May 10, 2016

If you take Heretical Objects Cooperative – the Toronto-based label/art collective operated by members of Doomsquad – at their word (and hey – why wouldn’t you?), their latest signing JAL is an alien life form that escaped a lab following experiments involving bath salts and a poodle.

Since then, the glamdrogynous sextraterrestrial being has been screaming its paranoid pleas at anyone who will listen, set against a backdrop of scuzzy electro-pop. Those strange sounds are captured on the album known as JALBUM, now available in the form of a limited edition cassette from. Its master tape was apparently “uncovered from beneath a soggy mattress in a cheap motel in the Jane and Steeles area.”

JAL has also been caught on camera in the somewhat nightmarish and NSFW video for “Rein Drein”, which features the creature on the run from its metallic lion puppet carrying captors. Clad in lingerie and sporting a waxy moustache, JAL flashes back to simpler days when the bath salts were readily available before ending up in a dungeon with whips, baby costumes, and other instruments of pain for pleasure. The song is catchy too. Watch below if you dare:

JAL’s next known sighting will take place June 24th in Toronto at the Hearn Power Station event DOGGIE SHOW. This has been described as “a hilarious costume contest and energetic dance party hosted by Toronto’s filthiest drag queens.” It will be soundtracked by the BATH SALTS DJ crew a.k.a. “Electric Circus on bad street drugs.”

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