PREMIERE: Watch Johnny de Courcy’s new music video for “Teenage”

Get freaky deeky with the first video from his Master Manipulator EP.

September 3, 2015

Montreal-via-Vancouver’s Johnny de Courcy is a Bowie-esque chameleon, swirling on personas like silky capes. His latest dispatch is the Master Manipulator EP, a five-song showcase for his self-described “freak-rock and psych-cabaret expressions.” The music video for “Teenage” seems to fall into the latter category, and we’ve got the premiere below:

If de Courcy is to be believed, he says he originally wrote this song for Lana del Rey and sent it to her management numerous times. Following a non-response, he decided to record it himself, delivering a stunning string and piano-backed ballad that concludes with the sound of sobbing. The video, shot and edited by de Courcy with the help of Britt Wach, combines handycam footage of horsing around (smashing bottles and slipping on banana peels) with freaky deaky performances in Calgary and Toronto. It’s a fantastic follow-up to his love-sweet clip for “Alien Lake” featuring Cindy Lee’s Pat Flegel.

Johnny de Courcy will bring his show on the road with a performance at Pop Montreal on September 18 at Divan Orange, followed by a cross-Canada tour in October and November. Dates and venues TBA.

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