PREMIERE: Watch Mick Futures’ new video for “Two Heads”

The Sudbury synth-punks time-warp to a galaxy not so far away.

December 18, 2015

Mick Futures’ Banned From The Future landed back in June like an unidentified mind-frying object. When we interviewed main brain Mitch Houle, we described the band’s debut LP as “a spazzoid strain of Chrome-injected, Hardcore Devo-styled, Gary Numan-ous synth-punk.”

Those words hold up and they’ve now teamed with Here Kitty Kitty Productions to deliver some time-warped visions for the quick-hitter cut “Two Heads.” Mitch and friends (members of Dunes and Hollowheads as the ‘brain demons’) get freaky with masks, saws, and mannequin heads while hovering over his gaping maw. Beam into this no-budget Videodrome and you’ll find yourself screaming “long live the new flesh!”

If you’re near Toronto, catch Mick Futures live Friday, Dec. 18 at the Monarch Tavern at a benefit show for the women in need organization Sistering. The feel-good event thrown by their label Telephone Explosion also features sets from New Fries, Teenanger, and Hut.

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