PREMIERE: Watch Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs’ horror-themed video for “Brides of Satan”

October 31, 2014

When Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs released Gates of Hell earlier this year, it caught us by surprise: The Toronto six-piece stirred psych, country, pub rock and power pop into the cauldron, and emerged with one of the most surprising—and consistently rewarding—Canadian punk albums of the year. Just as striking as the band’s buzzsaw approach to pop, though, was their obsession with all things morbid—their video for “Gates of Hell,” for instance, had the band performing demon-conjuring rituals in the forest, shrouded in dark cloaks and surrounded by flickering candles. Spooky? You bet.

The Iron Lungs’ latest video, “Brides of Satan,” expands their love of all things horror—and we’re stoked to premiere it today. Directed by Nick Benidt, who’s also helmed videos by the Ketamines, Needles // Pins and Tandoori Knights, the video compiles and overlays scenes from horror flicks of yore, adding a campy menace to the song’s sprawling psych. Featuring goat-horned beasts, cloaked figures emerging from flames, demonic possessions, and, at one point, a man with viscous mint-green fluid leaking from his eyes, “Brides of Satan” is the perfect Halloween primer. Watch it above—and film geeks, figure out if you can name all the films referenced in the vid.

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