PREMIERE: Watch Shan Vincent de Paul’s new video “Water Water, Money, Power”

September 1, 2015

Toronto-based rapper Shan Vincent de Paul is currently prepping his debut album Saviors for release this fall, but you can watch his self-directed video for first single “Water Water, Money, Power” right now, because we’re premiering it below.

1/4 of the Sideways crew, de Paul creates a disorienting sonic world in “Water Water,” decrying modern consumption over a shifting, liquid (and trumpet-heavy) production. Equally impressive is the video’s imagery: directed by Shan himself and inspired by the arty likes of Michel Gondry and Terrence Malick, the video depicts a masked figure in a blood-red room pouring gasoline on a miniature version of himself, all watched over by the Lord of Greed himself, Donald Trump. It’s just as bonkers/great as it sounds, so check it out here:


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