PREMIERE: Watch the Ape-ettes’ new video for “Bless This Mess”

The Sudbury garage-pop trio get the kids bopping.

March 10, 2016

Sudbury, Ontario’s Ape-ettes bounce out of their basement studio (lovingly named the Piss Factory) to throw a living room dance party and dump out their laundry basket on the drum kit. This hyper-catchy ode to having fun at home (with some heartbreak undertones) finds the all-ages audience members swapping out on their instruments in between bursts of neon polka dots.

The Ape-ettes previously saw their French language tune “Tu m’aimes​-​tu? (même pas proche)” hit #1 on Montreal radio station CISM 89.3. This quick-hitter clip directed by Shawn Kosmerly of Here Kitty Kitty Productions, who also delivered Mick Futures’ “Two Heads” video, proves once again that you shouldn’t sleep on the Sudbury scene.

Watch the Ape-ettes’ video for “Bless This Mess” below:


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