PREMIERE: Watch The Bandicoots’ new video “Overnight Innovator”

The Hamilton band contrast breezy pop with spooky shots of masked figures stalking the streets.

October 13, 2015

Hamilton’s The Bandicoots have been hard at work on their new EP, Quarters At The Penny-Arcade, which the band hopes to have out by early 2016. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait that long: you can check out their video for first single “Overnight Innovator” below.

You might think a music video for The Bandicoots’ brand of ’60s influenced pop would necessitate a sunny, beachside setting… and it might, if The Bandicoots were less imaginative. Directed by the band themselves, their new video for “Overnight Innovator” contravenes their breezy indie-rock by featuring seasonally-appropriate, unsettling masked figures stalking the streets, and even more alarming, some kind of amped up, possibly phantasmagoric auctioneer. Spooky!

Watch “Overnight Innovator” right here:


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