Punk legends reveal lives after music in fascinating photo series

Lumbar Support Calling: The original drummer of The Clash is now a chiropractor.

May 10, 2016

For the overwhelming majority of those who pick up an instrument or sing into a mic, there’s going to be ‘life after music’ considering the tiny number of individuals able to make a career out of the notoriously fickle business.

Still, it’s one thing to be informed your high school teacher once sang jazz covers in a local bar – it’s an entirely different thing to discover your doctor once drummed for The Clash, one of the most famous punk bands of all time. Same goes for the bassist of Alien Kulture who became an investment banker, the member of the Au Pairs who’s now a lawyer, and Steve Ignorant from Crass reborn as a lifeboatman.

The Guardian recently looked at where a number of punk legends, scenesters, and style icons have ended up in their later years – and it’s pretty wild. Take a spin through in our gallery above.

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