Radiohead fans poke fun at the band with their own photo captions


July 8, 2016

Over the years, Radiohead have cemented themselves as some of rock’s most imaginative songwriters and musicians. What they aren’t known for is being a barrel of laughs. The Google search “Thom Yorke smiling” garners a host of articles either showcasing pictures that prove he’s actually smiled a few times or highlighting how it’s sort of unnerving when he actually does.

That’s probably why Radiohead fans have gone in on a series of moody black and white pictures posted on the band’s Facebook page, re-captioning the photos to poke fun at the band’s serious nature and, of course, how much it must suck sometimes to be their drummer.

Consequence of Sound has done us all a solid and handpicked some of the best ones. Click through the gallery above to check them out. And hey… don’t you worry, Phil Selway. That drum machine will never have your dapper look or distinguished, super-shiny head.

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