Rapper Paul Wall offering every U.S. medal winner Olympic grillz

August 23, 2016

If you weren’t aware, Houston rapper/walking caricature Paul Wall also has a thriving grill-making side business so you too can have a mouth full of ice. You might remember he was behind the American flag girll made for liar-liar-pants-on-fire and the bro-est of all athletes, Ryan Lochte, during the 2012 London Olympics. Wall and his business partner – jeweler Johnny ‘TV Johnny’ Dang – weren’t about to pass up another headline opportunity – and this time, they upped the ante. They’re offering a free gold grill engraved with the Olympic rings and Rio 2016 logo to every American athlete that won a medal this year. Ever the self-promotion swami, Wall has been actively contacting – well, everybody, pretty much – with the following press release and even appearing on his local ABC affiliate’s evening news.

[quote]”We came up with the idea last Olympics–we made Ryan Lochte’s American flag grill–and we decided to extend it to every medal winner this year. My partner [TV Johnny] and I came up with the idea. We wanted to congratulate everyone who is on the American team who won. We developed a new technique where we can engrave with color so we’ve got the real logo on there. All they have to do is contact us and either come to us or we’ll come to you.”[/quote]

High point of that vid? The pocket-size dang excitedly bouncing back and forth while barely in the frame on some “Look Ma, I’m on TV!” type shit. It turns out that in 2012, the duo made a similar offer but to gold medalists only. This time around, they’ve realised a grander gesture was necessary – and to give credit where credit’s due, this is pretty fricking grand. The U.S. won 121 medals in the Rio Olympics – and while these grills won’t be anywhere near the value of Lochte’s $25,000 diamond-encrusted monstrosity, if every athlete took them up on the offer, Wall and Dang would be out a pretty penny. Clearly, the majority of Olympic athletes will have no desire to walk around with a face full of precious metal but I really hope, just for shits and giggles, they all get together and show up at Dang’s store with their hands out. Greatest deer-in-headlights look of all time guaranteed.


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