Rich Kidd recalls a night of freezies and indecent exposure in Toronto

July 14, 2014

Without a doubt, 2012 was a good year for Rich Kidd.  For one thing, he apparently smoked a whole mess of weed. Plus, after a long come-up working with the likes of Toronto rap standouts Drake and Saukrates, the release of his first studio album The Closers earned him a Juno nomination and the full attention of Canada’s hip-hop community. But apparently his music career wasn’t the only thing heating up in 2012, and we’re not necessarily talking about the broken air-conditioner in The Great Hall. Rich Kidd, we couldn’t agree more: there is something wholly unjust, and downright disrespectful, about a fan showing her breasts to your entire audience before offering you the same courtesy. Granted, the situation was rectified; but still, what with the 300 complimentary freezies, its seems like your audience got the better deal here.

Check out Rich Kidd’s most memorable Toronto show story above and the lead single from Rich Kidd’s newest project, In My Opinion, below.


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