Rick Ross got the Miami Heat logo tattooed on his face

January 14, 2015

While most MCs jumped off the Miami Heat bandwagon as soon as Lebron James announced he was headed home to Cleveland, Rick Ross is not one of them. The Florida raised Teflon Don’s been down with the Heat since Rony Seikaly reigned South Beach.

Now, finally, he has the tattoo to prove it.

On his face.

Because why wouldn’t he, Rick Ross, who also has the phrase “Rich Forever” inked on his chin, got the Heat logo tattooed on his temple, just above and beside his right eye. It is, as much as a face tattoo can be, surprisingly subtle, but for his sake here’s hoping the Heat can step it up in the second half of the season.

They’re in the postseason race, currently seeded 7th in the Eastern Conference, but a .447 winning percentage isn’t going to cut it come playoffs.

Remember, Pat Riley: Dude got a face tattoo for your squad. Let him down and who do you have left, DJ Khaled? Yuck.

Here’s a better look at the ink:

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