Roseanne Barr live tweeting the Grammys was weird and hilarious

"best rock album? Beck he is a genius but a bit of a skinny legged dweeb with 0 charisma"

February 9, 2015

Jokes about the Grammys write themselves, The Simpsons made sure of that. But thanks to Twitter, watching otherwise stuffy award shows has gained a second steam. Sure, live tweeting can get irritating, especially when your feed is nothing but recycled opinions on Sam Smith’s plagiarism scandal and people missing the joke when Kanye West pretended to rush the stage.

But for every disposable hashtag there’s gold to be found, and last night that came from the unlikeliest of sources: Roseanne Barr.

Tweeting along with the show’s west coast feed, Barr spent hours writing curious stream-of-consciousness tweets that were as outspoken as they were confusing. And in reading them this morning, we realized a few things; That she’s still hilarious; that she’s fascinated by “steamed vaginas,”; and that she’s a total hip-hop head.

No, seriously.

Click through the gallery up top to see our highlights from Roseanne’s wild night. For extra effect, read each tweet in her voice.


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