Sapphire the keyboard-playing horse shuts down neighsayers

Play him off, keyboard horse!

December 22, 2015

Sapphire the horse (a.k.a. Musical Horse) has joined the hallowed ranks of animals playing instruments. From these ivory-tickling otters to these fretboard-shredding birds to this four-paws-on-the-floor pup, the house band of animal heaven just landed its latest member.

In the first of three videos shared by owner Dee, watch Sapphire wiggle its lips all over those keys to create a solo piece eerily reminiscent of Terry Riley’s A Rainbow in Curved Air:

Sapphire is then joined by a backup dancer, though we’d argue these barnyard arpeggios don’t need any accompaniment:

Finally, “Sapphire the witch” pops on a veiled purple hat to “play a Halloween tune for you.” This one is clearly inspired by Get Up with It-era Miles Davis:

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