Scare your inner child with a glitch remix of Garfield’s 1985 Halloween special

When you gaze long into an abyss, Garfield also gazes into you.

October 28, 2015

Back in 2010, Montreal’s infamous A/V hijacker Rob Feulner (who operates under the banner of Bleu Nuit Video) set the melancholy pianos of CFCF to a haunted edit of the 1985 animated special Garfield’s Halloween Adventure. For fans of the fat cat 3-pack, it’s a bizarrely moving twist on a timeless classic that will make you feel wistful on All Hallows’ Eve.

This year, Feulner has taken things many, many steps further with a full-length “glitch reimagining” of the entire 24-minute special. Electronic artist Event Cloak (whose Life Stragies LP is a 2015 standout) contributes spectrally dubby audio manipulations to further distort your childhood memories into something both nightmarish and all-too familiar.

Though his trick or treating plot to bring Odie along for twice as much candy sends them down river to someone in search of a ghostly bounty, Garfield maintains that he’s no scaredy cat. (There’s probably some kind of moral there too.) And like any other taped-from-TV copies of movies you watched in the VCR era, this project comes complete with commercials for pop culture relics like Winterlude ’96, Cool Tools, and Magic Ice Cream Party.

Project this onto the wall of your Halloween house party for a candy bag worth of creeped-out nostalgia, or watch it in full below:


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