Simpsons musical guests are getting their own action figures

September 10, 2014

The Simpsons turns 25 this year, and in their quarter century on air, Matt Groening’s creation hasn’t only shaped television—it’s shaped comedy, period. And over the years, the show’s had plenty of memorable musical moments: Who could ever forget Mr. Burns’ Disney-aping “See My Vest,” in which the evil billionaire wears a vest made of gorilla chest? Or when Homer introduced himself to Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan as “Homer Simpson, smiling politely?” Or when Michael Jackson played a burly, piano-playing jailbird—and then sang “Lisa It’s Your Birthday?”

Since The Simpsons unveiled their first musical guest—it began with Ron Taylor in season 1, who voiced Bleeding Gums Murphy, though by the next season, Ringo Starr would appear—there’s been no turning back. Everyone from Jack White to Blink-182 to Bachman-Turner Overdrive have made appearances, and to commemorate its quarter-century anniversary, The Simpsons are releasing a line of action figures to commemorate the show’s best guests, many of them musical. We’ve compiled the music-related figurines above which will surely bring many full-grown adults into Toys ‘R Us. R.E.M. and The Who fans, get stoked. [H/T Stereogum.]

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