Somebody did a shot-for-shot remake of the Full House intro in GTA V

June 17, 2015

There’s something incredibly endearing about ’90s sitcom theme songs. Even when you discover a TV show you loved as a kid was in actual fact absolutely brutal, chances are the theme song is cheese-pop gold and will still get you grooving. Case in point: Full House. And just like the show, the visuals that go with the opening credits’ sweet-ass tune are pretty damn blah. If only there was a way to fix that…oh, wait – silly me. Remake the entire thing in Grand Theft Auto V, obviously.

I don’t know how many hours this took GTA obsessed gamer Merfish and friends to complete but let me be the first to say the skipped meals, carpel tunnel and missed dates (haha, a gamer having dates) were 100% worth it. From my initial memory of the opening sequence, I was pretty impressed with the shots I remembered being recreated but thought the rest was filler. Which is why I’m super glad I found the side-by-side comparison; turns out this was a complete shot-for-shot remake. Except with, you know, automatic weapons and homicides. Uncle Jesse would be proud.

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