Stephen Colbert and Jack Black made a song for all presidential candidates

"It's generic enough not to offend anyone, but generic enough to be loved by everyone," notes Colbert.

October 15, 2015

Every presidential campaign deserves a mighty tune to accompany it. The tricky thing about the theme tune search is that artists aren’t always fond of political goobers plucking their songs for use in their White House bid. Luckily, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is here to help the current crop of presidential hopefuls.

Colbert and Jack Black teamed up to debut a brand new song titled “My Kind Of America” that’s up for grabs for any future commander-in-chief contender that wants it. Hit play on the video below and imagine the possibilities.

“It’s generic enough not to offend anyone, but generic enough to be loved by everyone,” explained the late night host as he intro’d his hilariously broad patriotic anthem.

The bouncing poppish/countryish presidential theme is pro-freedom, pro-America, and pro-jeans with every demo gently catered to. Only the most treasonous of Americans would dismiss a song extolling (or at least mentioning) the magic of Bagel Bites, so it’s a can’t lose proposition.

Could Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or Donald Trump snap this song up? Why not! (Lincoln Chafee might pass seeing as Conan O’Brien already gave him a theme tune.)

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