Stream the new In Flames album, ‘Siren Charms’

September 2, 2014

When it comes to death metal, there is perhaps no band more enduring than Sweden’s In Flames. And while their sound has evolved beyond the Gothenburg sound they helped pioneer nearly twenty years ago, the defining elements that made albums like The Jester Race so special are spread throughout Siren Charms, the band’s 11th album.

Songs like “Rusted Nail” and “Through Oblivion” are built around their trademark guitar harmonies, pairing heavy leads with a more modern, melodic hard rock edge. The results are distinct, bridging the gap between accessibility and heaviness, a common thread throughout Siren Charms.

The album is due out on September 9th via Epic Records. Listen to it, exclusively, below.

This stream is now expired. Get the album here.

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