Susan Sarandon wants to smoke weed with A$AP Rocky and Action Bronson

July 14, 2015

A$AP Rocky’s 2013 posse-cut “1 Train” is getting giggles online today after actress Susan Sarandon jumped onto Twitter to ask Action Bronson and A$AP Rocky what that name drop was all about.

And while she’s a little late, we think we know why — lady gets hiiiiiiigh.

[twitter id=621014568836460544]

Yes, her account is verified.

Tweeted early Tuesday afternoon, the Thelma & Louise star is referring an Action Bronson line in the song, which also features Big KRIT, that drops her name in reference to drug dealing.

[pullquote] I fixed the game between Georgia Southern and Gramblin’
You see us scrambling, selling Susan Sarandon[/pullquote]

On Genius, it’s thought Bronson is either referencing 1998 movie Stepmom, where Sarandon’s character copes with her cancer with a regular dose of medical kush. That, or it has to do with the term white lady, which is code for cocaine.

Regardless, it’s a shame she didn’t hear the song sooner. Not only because we’d love to watch this session go down, or even because it fits with Rocky’s infatuation with red-headed older women (sup, Kathy Griffin?), but because the song is an absolute banger, sister.


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