The 17 bro-iest bros in their native habitat of Brosheaga

July 29, 2014

Osheaga is just around the corner, and while we probably could have learned as much from a simple online query, we prefer instead to keep our ears to the street—ever listening for that perennial, tell-tale sign of the Montreal festival’s imminent approach: “Osheaga, bro?” Ah, yes. The time is near.

The summer festival is the bro’s natural environment, and they tend to travel in herds, so if you’re attending what’s becoming Canada’s biggest and one of its best festivals this year, you can be sure that you’ll encounter many. This year, Brosheaga documenters have started a dedicated Instagram account and it’s possible the Tumblr will also be refreshed soon too.

And we’ll happily be your guide—your David Atten-bro, if you will: check out the gallery above to see what kind of Brosheaga action you can expect this August. (Oh, and we’ll see you there.)

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