The AUX guide to NXNE 2014: Our strategic picks for Saturday, June 21

June 20, 2014

If we have a single tip for you today, it’s this: Be prepared to go all day long. From the moment you wake up until 4 a.m.—when last call puts this day to rest—there’s music everywhere in Toronto. The Edward Day Gallery has a continual roster of bands on offer; Lee’s Palace, as well as many other venues, start early; Yonge and Dundas is, well, Yonge and Dundas. There’s a lot to do today, so let’s just jump in—here’s our situational picks for today.


The gimmick of the day

The Bruise Cruise. It shouldn’t matter who’s playing the bruise cruise—it’s a sail around the Toronto harbour with bands, booze, and copious amounts of fun. Nonetheless, M For Montreal and Panache booked a stacked bill hosted by Mac DeMarco, which features noisy guitar heroes P.S. I Love You, rising Edmonton songwriter Calvin Love, and Mac’s other band, Walter TV. (12:00 p.m., Queens Quay Pier 6.)(MT)

[bandcamp id=”406043451″]


Who to see if you want to get a drink on

Metz. More a band to get your drink spilled to, Metz are the essential “I’ll see ’em next time” Toronto band. Well you know what? See ’em now. With Eagulls on before them there’s incentive to go early, and they’re one of the city’s most hyped bands for a reason. Don’t be a butt—support the bands that deserve it. (12 A.M., Lee’s Palace) (TM)


Who too see if you have a hangover

Frankie Cosmos. If you dig K Records’ brand of weirdness, then Frankie Cosmos—or the daughter of Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates—is a must-see. Her debut LP, Zentropy, showcased an affinity for off-kilter, self-aware, and perhaps overly precious pop songs. Which, for some, might be a world-class irritant, but on a queasy stomach, there’s nothing we’d rather hear. (5:30 p.m., Lee’s Palace)(MT)

[bandcamp id=”1794713294″]


Best Canadian band you might not have heard of

Wilderness of Manitoba. Textured dream folk out of Toronto, Wilderness of Manitoba play harmonized songs filled with harmonies and ambiance, but with enough dynamics and shifts to keep you on your toes. Some songs have more stomp than others, but expect their set to be mellow more often than not. On an otherwise noise-drenched Saturday night, that’s a welcomed contrast. (9:30 P.M., Horseshoe Tavern)(TM)

[bandcamp id=”948267927″]


The show you won’t get into, but you should try nonetheless

Future Islands. “Seasons (Waiting On You)” might be a one-hit wonder, but it was a track that literally everyone loved. And we’re positive that everyone in Toronto—or at least the people who didn’t see Future Island on Vice Island Thursday—will be hoping to catch a barrel-chested Morrissey-looking dad sing new wave songs. We know we are. (12:00 a.m., Tattoo.)(MT)


One non-musical NXNE thing you should do today

Sleep in. Eat a nice breakfast. Call your mother. Maybe do some laundry. At this point, you’ve earned it. You’re in the home stretch now: Might as well ease into it?


Who to see for free

photo by <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/ashtonpal/">AshtonPal</a>

The Cameron House’s Outdoor Stage. Okay, we’re cheating here: You can’t get into their beer garden without a pass (or $10), but you know what? It’s right off Queen and Cameron St., so even if you’re not accredited, just, like… stand on the sidewalk. With The Double Cuts opening things up at 2 and Zeus closing it down at 9, there’s plenty to see throughout the day. We love the Cameron House. Aren’t you at least a little bit curious why? (2 P.M. – 10 P.M., The Cameron House)

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