The AUX guide to NXNE 2014: Our strategic picks for Sunday, June 22

June 20, 2014

Another year of NXNE may be winding down, but just because it’s the last day of the festival doesn’t mean you should take it off. As with most years, a colossal show happens at Yonge-Dundas Square, but the city’s still popping off, too: There’s a non-festival-sanctioned art rave-up on the island. Baltic Ave continues to host some of the fest’s best emerging acts. And there’s a stacked punk bill at the Crawford. None of which should be missed.

By: Tyler Munro (TM) and Mark Teo (MT)


Who to see if you want to get a drink on

Sonic Avenues. Holy shit, you’re still alive after this weekend? If you are—and we barely are—and still want to get a drink on, Montreal’s Sonic Avenues are a great place to start. Their Dirtnap-released Escapes is one of the finest garage-punk-power-pop records we’ve heard all year. And the swill swilling doesn’t just begin with them: They share a bill with Sam Coffey, First Base, and King Creep. (12:00 a.m., The Crawford.)(MT)

[bandcamp id=”3949730709″]


Show to double up on

Run the Jewels. If you caught Run the Jewels last night, this should be obvious. Killer Mike and El-P are best buddies who work as well together as any one-two hip-hop duo in the game today. (8 P.M., Yonge Dundas Square) (TM)


Best Canadian band you might not have heard of

The Effens. Mixing glam and grunge, The Effens are as weird as they want to be, blending bleeps and bloops into their guitar driven sound with panache and flair beyond their years. By the time their Sunday set makes its way to you your eyes might be glazed and your liver rotten, but trust us: It’ll be worth it. (1 A.M., Baltic Avenue) (TM)

[bandcamp id=”3049662069″ mode=”track”]


One non-musical NXNE thing you should do today

UNAFFILIATED 01. OK, so this isn’t exactly non-musical—there’s tons of bands playing UNAFFILIATED, including Zacht Automaat, Petra Glynt, Man Made Hill, and Old and Weird. But the island event—which takes place at Artscape Gibraltar—is being dubbed an “art hangout,” featuring artwork and projections by countless artists; it’s being helmed by artists Julia Dickens and Halloway Jones. Multi-disciplinary madness? We approve. (2:00 p.m., Artscape Gibraltar)(MT)


Who to see for free

Of Sound Mind. Toronto promoters People Put Out Productions team up with Sonic Boom for this DIY record fair that’s got a little bit of everything: Bands, BBQ and booths from some of the scene’s best artists and labels. Best of all, it’s All Ages, All Day and effectively free (PWYC, so donate!) regardless of whether you’re a pass holder. (11:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M., Edward Day Gallery) (TM)

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