The Grand Theft Auto V remaker takes on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Will Smith's 1990s sitcom, now with more gratuitous video game violence.

July 8, 2015

A while ago, YouTube user Merfish won our (sadistic) hearts with a shot-for-shot remake of the Full House intro sequence made entirely from the Grand Theft Auto V graphics engine. Using the game’s criminal elements and stand-ins for the show’s wholesome characters made it extra hilarious for anyone who remembers Full House or (for some inexplicable reason) is an avid watcher of its reruns.

Still, something a little more universal was called for. The choice was obvious: Will Smith’s crown jewel, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. How is it? Not bad, not bad – real weird though. I think Merfish might’ve been smoking something non-tobacco-based when he came up with the basketball court scene. Still, the formula seems to stand: Gratuitous Animated Violence + Wholesome Childhood Nostalgia = Chuckles.

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