The most popular music festival drugs

BREAKING: People smoke weed at Marley Fest.

May 7, 2015

The latest hilarious and hugely misguided music-related study is linked to the deep heads at DrugAbuse.com, who have allegedly used the most scientific methods available to discover the most popular party favours at a selection of American festivals.

So, how did they do it? Send in undercover candy-flippers like the Boston Punk Zombie? Nope, these investigators stayed glued to their desktops or smartphones, searching for Instagram posts mentioning one of the 15 major festivals in their subject pool, then narrowing that search to the number of posts also mentioning or winking at controlled substances.

The clearly highly accurate findings are that cokeheads love Coachella, MDMA fiends flock to the Electric Daisy Carnival, the KISS Country Chili Cook-Off is full of boozers, Marley Fest is essentially a giant weed cloud, and everything you can gobble up or smoke to trip balls is going down at Burning Man. All we can say is the study missed out big time by not including the drug bridge at the Gathering of the Juggalos.

However, while countless outlets are posting about this story, it’s seemingly impossible to find direct attribution to DrugAbuse.com. Could this be a Josh Hewiss-style hoax? Until we get to the bottom of things, see the full results below. [H/T Billboard]

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