The new MacBooks will be terrible for laptop DJs

Laptop DJs are bummed.

March 10, 2015

While the tech world swooned over the MacBook reveal yesterday afternoon—so thin! So light! So… gold?—Apple may have alienated one of its key demographics: laptop DJs. The new laptop is their slimmest offering yet, measuring at a measly 13.1 mm, but in the process of streamlining the MacBook, a few things were lost: Namely, the row of ports on the left-hand side of the aluminum body were replaced by a single USB-C port. A headphone jack, on the laptop’s right side, remains.

And that could be bad news for DJs.

A consolidated port—for both data and charging—is undeniably exciting. But this poses a problem for laptop DJS, as typically, they require a power source, and external hard drive, controllers, sound cards, and more. Having a single USB port means that laptop DJs will need to buy a series of adapters and dongles in order to set up—meaning that DJing on a MacBook just got a lot more complicated.

To add, the new MacBooks are built for the cloud, and the $1,299 models have only 256 gigs of flash storage. That’s not a lot of space for music and software.

DJTechTools.com posted the dongle that most DJs will require, and it’s a $79 hub featuring a USB, HDMI, and charging ports. DJs will likely require additional USB hubs to accommodate everything they need, and should a DJ want to use a new MacBook, they’ll be quickly entangled in a pile of cords. In essence, the new MacBook’s consolidated port strips the benefits of laptop DJing—namely, its simplicity.

So, for laptop DJs, it might be best to skip the newest MacBook—the next MacBook Pro (or really, your old laptop) might be more suited for music-making. [H/T Resident Advisor]

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