The Rock Your Campus Top 10 is here

October 20, 2014

CBC and TD’s Rock Your Campus competition is getting down to the wire—they’re now in Round 3 of voting, and they need your help to narrow it down from the Top 10 to the Top 5! No pressure or anything.

Voting is open from now until Thursday, October 23, and if your pick wins the top prize on October 27, they’ll get $10,000, an on-campus concert, and a one-year contract to join AUX’s YouTube multi-channel network for management and more. Not too shabby.

With the talent currently in the top 10, you’ll have your work cut out for you. For instance, the layered, dreamy guitar pop of Western University’s Ivory Hours.

Or the slick, radio-ready piano-driven “A Million Pieces” by Cash Chalice.

And that’s only two of the talented top 10. Who’s going to get your vote? And who do you think should round out the top 5?

For all the love you’ve been showing Rock Your Campus, you also have a chance to win—enter over here by October 25 for your chance to win a Samsung tablet!

While your over there, help Canada’s best college band win that 10 grand and all the other goodies that come along with it.


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