The search for Canada’s best college band continues with Rock Your Campus

October 8, 2014

Thanks to your dedication and all of the votes that came in as a result, CBC Music and TD have narrowed their Rock Your Campus search for Canada’s best student band down to the top 100 and now it’s up to your discerning ears to find the Top 10!

From now until October 23, you’ll be scouring the remaining entries for best campus band and voting to narrow it down to the Rock Your Campus‘ Top 10. On October 27, the winner will be announced. What do they get? (Besides pretty badass bragging rights, you mean?) Oh, just $10,000, an on-campus concert, and a one-year contract to join AUX’s YouTube multi-channel network for management and more. That’s all. No big.

Here’s the thing: It won’t be easy choosing a band to root for. Much of it boils down to personal preference. For instance, if you fancy yourself a fan of smooth pop-rock, you’d probably back the Turks, from Toronto’s Ryerson University.

Or, if you’re the singer-songwriter type, the jazz-inflected talents of Elizabeth Boey, from Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University, should be music to your ears (well, obviously).

So vote! And as a thanks for the support, you have a chance to win something too—go to Rock Your Campus on CBC Music to enter to win a Samsung tablet! They’ll be giving one away every week until October 25.

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