The Street Fighter II soundtrack is getting a snazzy vinyl release

Start saving your quarters now.

July 20, 2015


Classic video game fangirls and fanboys have been treated to some very exciting news. Tiny Cartridge has revealed that a limited edition vinyl release of the Street Fighter II soundtrack is on its way thanks to the Brave Wave label. The legendary Capcom fighting title is the first entry in a new collection dubbed the Generation Series.


“The soundtrack release will include new remasters of both CPS-1 and CPS-2 versions of the arcade game, extracted directly from the arcade boards and approved by original composer Yoko Shimomura,” reads an informative bit of text from Brave Wave. “Fans of physical media will be treated with a double album that features liner notes by Yoko Shimomura and Polygon.com writer Matt Leone. Additionally, and for the first time in the series history, we will present with Capcom a limited edition vinyl release, carefully and especially remastered in translucent colored vinyl, with art prints sourced from the Capcom archive.”

*feels heart buttons getting mashed with increased speed*

Hey, maybe Jamie Lee Curtis will spring for a copy.

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Speaking of video games that have recently gotten the vinyl treatment, the score to the soul-crushingly difficult NES game Battletoads was recently up for purchase at the San Diego Comic-Con.

[h/t Kotaku]

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