The X-Files, Saw, and Exorcist themes bizarrely reworked in a major key

Creepy themes turned nice.

August 12, 2015

News of the upcoming X-Files revival is leaking out each day like a dispatch from Deep Throat. This ranges from fun cameos like Silicon Valley star/Mulder and Scully megafan Kumail Nanjiani to the return of Agent Reyes that no one asked for.

The timing is right for riffs on monsters of the week and a YouTube Artist named Muted Vocal is striking while the mutant serial killers are hot. Mark Snow’s iconic X-Files intro is one of five spoopy tunes reworked into a major key, along with the recognizable music from Halloween, The Exorcist, Saw and A Nightmare on Elm Street. In his accurate words, the results are “creepy themes turned nice.”

This might be the most brilliant online editing trickery since The Godfather was overdubbed with the Donkey Kong soundtrack.

[h/t FACTMag]

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