These 13 animated album covers look incredible

September 26, 2014

Tumblr is a lot of things—a graveyard for janky cat GIFs, a place to dump awkward, emotional rants and the breeding ground for kids that are super into stretching their ears out. But as much as we like to poke fun, it’s also a fantastic place for artists, with an inclusive community that will happily share your works. JB is part of that community, and for the better part of the last year he’s been animating famous album covers with stunning results.

His taste seems to lean more towards skate punk and power metal, but there’s the odd alternative rock and hip-hop album thrown into the mix. And regardless of whether you’re into Keeper of the Seven Keys, the amount of detail put into each GIF is startling. We’ve compiled some of our favourites in the gallery above; check out the full set here. [h/t AVClub]

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