These cover videos are definitive proof that kids love Slayer

October 17, 2014

Getting into Slayer is a right of passage for second-generation metalheads. Sure, their music is aggressive, and sure, their lyrics are almost exclusively gruesome, but as this cover unearthed by MetalSucks reminds us, classics like “Raining Blood” are also tons of fun to play, even if you’re just a kid.

Here, ten-year-old Hayato covers “Raining Blood” with his seven-year-old brother Subaru, a song that came out 17 years before the oldest sibling was born.

Making it even more endearing is that their parents are off-camera locking down the other instruments.

Thing is, kids love Slayer. This summer, sisters Audrey, also 10, and Kate were seen totally nailing “War Ensemble” on Rocksmith, which we’ll remind you is like Guitar Hero with an actual guitar. While 40 years younger than him, it’s entirely possible that Audrey is already a better guitarist than Kerry King.

And then there’s this video released last year which features a 3-year-old mostly nailing “Raining Blood” on the drums. Does he miss a couple of beats? Sure. But that never held Lars Ulrich back, and he’s at least twice as old.

Here, a 12-year-old nails “Angel of Death”

Forget Lullaby Renditions; when it comes to Slayer, “Raining Blood” is eternal.

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