These Drake ringtones will make you keep your ringer on at all times

April 6, 2015

You might remember last year when we collected our favourite moments from Drake’s Nothing Was The Same and helped take your ringtone game to the next level (“REMEMBUH!?”). With If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, we knew we had to do it right again.

Get hyped while making Sunday brunch plans with your woes (“MY WOES!”), have your phone sneak diss your foes (“Please do not speak to me”), or even let the 6 God himself tell you when you have a voicemail (err… “Voicemails”.)

[soundboard id=”drake-tones”]

You can preview the tones above and when you’re ready, feel free to download and install by following the instructions below.

1. Download linked .zip file.
2. Apple devices: Drag Drake tones to your iTunes library and sync
Android devices: Upload the Drake Tones to your ringtones and notification folders, either by plugging your phone into your computer or by using a wireless transfer app like Airdroid
3. Go to your phone’s settings, select ‘Sounds.’ From there, you should be able to pick your ring and text tones.
4. Locate the Drake ringtone you want, select it and BRRT! You’re now running through the 6 (or wherever) with your tones.

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