These Ethiopian students sing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ better than you

Their heartwarming tribute video is a birthday gift to Dave Grohl.

January 13, 2016

Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” might be the ultimate example of a song where you can get away with mumbling fake lyrics for the verse before screaming the chorus (with the possible exception of Pearl Jam’s equally indiscernible “Even Flow”).

Well, today we have the pleasure of bringing you a group of Ethiopian ESL students who would like to remind you that you’re a lazy bastard.

Following in the footsteps of the almost unbearably cute South Korean kids covering The Ramones, these students paid tribute to early 1990s grunge angst by covering Nirvana’s smash hit – not only nailing the lyrics but mimicking the opening guitar riffs with their mouths as well.

Peace Corps Volunteer Matt Westerberg says he uses the tune “to help create an active and encouraging environment for kids to practice their English, a skill necessary for attaining a college education.” The funny thing is, all I can picture is the kids sitting Kurt Cobain down and teaching him how to enunciate the song properly with their far superior diction.

It’s revealed at the end that this is actually a gift to celebrate Dave Grohl’s January 14th birthday. Smart money says Grohl shows up in Ethiopia with an acoustic guitar and gives the kids a private Skin and Bones performance.

[h/t Spin]

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