These two little kids are Korn’s cutest fans

December 19, 2014

Korn weren’t exactly stripped of their innocence when we learned the were loaded on booze and meth when they recorded their self-titled debut—when we think of Jonathan Davis, we hardly think of child-like bewilderment.

Still, a couple of kids proved that maybe their music is more child-friendly than we first thought. MetalSucks alerted us to the video, which shows two tots in car seats going hard to the dreadlocked nu-metallers. The clip is older than dirt, so it looks and sounds like it was filmed on a potato, but the cuteness still shines through.


Seriously, girl’s microphone technique is on par. We wonder if they make baby-sized versions of Jonathan Davis’ weird ass mic-stand. And as it turns out, her brother, is probably Korn’s biggest fan. Seriously. Kid loves Korn.

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