This adorable toddler singing metal ABCs gives us hope for the future

February 10, 2015

Unlike pop-punk, which is decidedly a young person’s game, metal welcomes revellers of all ages. Septuagenerian Eddie heads are still flocking to check out Iron Maiden on the casino circuit, and on the other end of the generational spectrum, toddlers—like the one in the video below—are discovering metal at increasingly young ages. And we have awesome metalhead dads to thank for that.

YouTube user cb6652’s 2-year-old daughter knows the alphabet inside out. But even more impressively, she knows how to sing ’em atop of scorching breakdowns—and she has an impressive scowl to boot. It’s the first time we’ve ever seen someone use the ABCs as a mosh call, but hopefully, it’s not the last.


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