This awesome guitar is also a fully functional Game Boy

The Guitar Boy is every gamer/musician's dreams come true.

February 11, 2016

Every self-respecting gamer has had the fantasy of musically showing up the jocks at the talent show, Revenge of the Nerds-style, but only one has actually gone ahead and crafted a working, playable (in more ways than one) Game Boy guitar. “Pfft, what a dork! What is he, some admin on a gaming message board or something?” Um… yes.

Fibbef, an administrator on the BitFix Gaming message boards, successfully built the impossible dream: the Guitar Boy, a guitar that doubles as a working Game Boy. Constructed for the site’s 2015 Game Boy Build-Off, the instrument includes a functional 5″ LCD screen that you can actually play Game Boy games on, using a Raspberry Pi mini-computer running the RetroPie emulator.

Fibbef, who exhaustively documented his process here, began building the Guitar Boy back in June 2015, with the project completed three months later. The best part of the whole thing? A selector switch on the side can alternate between the guitar’s Humbucker pickup or the audio from the hacked Game Boy. Just imagine the sonic possibilities rapid toggling between the two sources would open up! Eat your heart out, Anamanaguchi.

Witness the Guitar Boy in action below:


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