This British rapper wants to trade records for Pokemon cards

An LP for a Charizard sounds like a great deal to us.

July 14, 2015

In the era of Bumz Trading Zone when social media is used as a tool for IRL swaps, few desired items are deemed off limits and trashy trinkets can become treasure in a new set of hands.

British Grime rapper JME is clearly deep in the zone after laying his cards on the table for a personal obsession with Pokémon. The brother of fellow MC Skepta and founder of the Boy Better Know label is now offering vinyl copies of his new album Integrity in trade for mint copies of first generation Charizards. Gotta catch ‘em all!

Check out a few of JME’s tweets below for proof of his dedication to the Pocket Monster game.

[twitter id=”619498898084786176″]

[twitter id=”619557862734458880″]

[twitter id=”619521481018638336″]

He’s a man on a mission. A highly specific mission to collect classic Charizards in VG+ condition.

[twitter id=”619821004861382656″]

[twitter id=”619870689789669376″]

[twitter id=”619867400926834688″]

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