This child remade “Let It Go” into a sprawling epic about pooping

October 6, 2014

Over the past year, it’s been impossible to avoid “Let It Go,” Frozen‘s signature song. Indeed, in the last several months, the track has become a Disney classic on par with “Hakuna Matata: It was recently voted the best song to keep kids happy on road trips (with Pharrell’s “Happy” coming in second). It’s been translated to more than 40 different languages. And on YouTube, there are countless covers of “Let It Go,” ranging from a quote-unquote Africanized tribal cover, a pop cover from the Philipines, and the Babytard cover. Some of these covers are good—really good—but others are transcendent.

And we’ll classify Emily Mandelbaum’s cover as transcendent.

Using the Frozen song as a base, the golden-voiced child remodelled the track to reflect one of our more visceral functions—namely, crapping. The result? “Let Me Poop.” And there are choice lyrics in here: “It’s funny, this bowl’s too small,” she sings, “with all the poop I have.” GIRL, WE’VE BEEN THERE. “It’s time to see what I can do,” she croons, “to rid my body of this poo.” US, TOO. “Here I sit, here I stay, until it all comes out,” she sings, at the chorus. Let it go—and by it, we mean the poop.

It’s rare to encounter a song that’s intrinsically human and honest. “Let Me Poop” is just that. Listen to this masterpiece below—and check the world’s catchiest anti-pooping PSA afterwards.


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