This endless dubstep generator is going to Burning Man

August 19, 2014

Like water, breathable air, and fossil fuels, dubstep is a  precious and limited resource. Or at least it used to be! In response to one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, a team of developers and music lovers have made a machine that can generate an endless stream of dubstep. Its inspiration came when one of the founders’ friends, Anita, wandered Burning Man 2013 for days looking for a fat beat drop but never managed to find one. They thought, why not end the suffering?

Anita’s Dropship, as their machine is called, uses an algorithmic composition that generates music and beats in realtime, never repeating the same passage twice. But here’s where it gets really exciting. It has a crank that listeners turn to build up the intensity of the music, until a red button on the front lights up, and then, BAM!, the Dropship produces a nasty, earth-shaking beat drop.

As the developers put it: “When you’re tired of waving your hands in the air, no need to wait for the coked-out DJ to finally press play on the next track. Hit the button yourself and enjoy the immediate satisfaction of a big fat drop.”

See more at their Kickstarter page, where you can donate funds to help bring Anita’s Dropship to Burning Man 2014. Also, here’s a video of people on stilts dressed like animals dancing to dubstep generated by Anita’s Dropship because life is short.


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