This guitar hero did 100 TV theme songs in one single take

From Rugrats to 30 Rock, these renditions are on point.

August 18, 2015

TV theme songs are a glorious part of our cultural heritage. Where would we be without the Small Wonder theme? Dead in a ditch like a malfunctioning V.I.C.I., we imagine. That’s why it’s essential that we cherish the sacred art of the TV tune.

One brave soul named Joe has knocked out a marvellous video giving these themes their due. In one take, Joe rolls through one hundred theme songs ranging from Looney Tunes to Game of Thrones. It’s a fascinating chronological journey where you get to bump into old friends like I Love Lucy, Rugrats and 30 Rock. It’s fair to say that these renditions are a bit more on point than the drunken “no, it goes DOO DOO DOO” recreations you’ll hear at a nostalgic house party.

You can check out the results in all their glory in the YouTube video below or you can get the enhanced version fromĀ Reverb‘s site that allows the viewer to see the corresponding notes and chords in play.


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