This guy has been fact checking rappers on Instagram

July 9, 2014

Instagram has its uses, like showing off your shitty brunch breakfasts and making sixteen-year-old Bieber lookalikes famous. But of late, some enterprising users have added a utilitarian edge to the app; public service, if you will. We’ve already shared an account that points out when rappers are wearing fake watches, but this account takes this one step further: Emmanuel Hudson, rapper and MTV2 host who goes by the name Kosher, has been using his account to fact check MCs’ lyrics.

Because it’s Instagram, it’s still at least a little obnoxious: he hashtags everything with #sowhatisyousaying and his name, #emmanuelhudson, and uses the same Advice Animal of his face for every imageā€”but these observations are funny more often than not, even if he did lift all of them from a Complex list.

See some of our favourites from his account in the gallery above.

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