This guy uses in-game instruments from The Legend of Zelda to cover tons of songs

Forget Epona's Song, the ocarina was made to cover My Heart Will Go On.

September 2, 2016

Ah, Zelda superfans. Where would we be without their tireless devotion to a green tunic-and-spandex-clad elf boy and his quest to defeat the world’s evilest ginger (after Rick Astley)?

Even though Nintendo is notoriously unresponsive to fan feedback (sometimes almost callously so), they’ve still crafted an enduring video game series that people love and identify with.

The success of Zelda is parly synonymous with the games’ musical themes and arrangements, which are always memorable. Can you really listen to the “Song of Storms” and not react like these guys? I thought so!

If there’s one thing the Zelda players are uniquely suited to, it’s using the franchise’s instruments to cover real-world songs. Well, that, and spending 48 straight hours indoors, but I’m not judging.

The limited but still flexible sonic palette of ocarinas and Deku pipes lend themselves to playing all sorts of memorable melodies, as YouTuber Puppetmaster9 shows us here:

When you’re done marvelling at that, head on over here to practice your own ocarina skills. Almost got Laura Palmer’s theme down, just wish this damn thing could play chords.

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