This incredible Google map tracks everywhere Johnny Cash goes in “I’ve Been Everywhere”

September 15, 2014

While “I’ve Been Everywhere” was originally conceived as an Australian song—it was written by Ocker singer Geoff Mack in the ’60s—we’re most familiar with Johnny Cash’s cover of the song. Included on the Man in Black’s 1996 album, Unchained, “I’ve Been Everywhere” is the American-ized version of the song originally adapted by Canadian songwriter Hank Snow: He lists everywhere in North and South ‘murica he’s been, even giving Canadian towns like Toronto and Ottawa shout-outs. Thanks for the love, Johnny.

But those Ontario towns are but two places that Cash namedrops—in fact, the song starts at Winnemucca road, and after landing in little-known stopovers like Jellico and Fond du Lac, he eventually ends his trip in Dodge City. And now, there’s a map tracking his journey in “I’ve Been Everywhere”: Web developer Iain Mullan has plotted the near-190,000 km trip on a Google Map, and it’s incredible.

With the song playing in the background, the map tackles each pitstop Cash makes in sequential order, and if you’re impatient, Mullane’s map also allows you to speed up the song (or skip to the end). Pretty cool, no? Try the map for yourself right here.


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