This infographic is an amazing road map to Toronto’s musical history

Journalist Denise Benson assembled an exhaustive road map to Toronto's music scene

March 24, 2015

It ain’t easy untangling any city’s musical lineage, much less Toronto’s–as Canada’s biggest city, Hogtown’s music scene has gone through countless twists, turns, trends, and reinventions. Accordingly, we’ve spent all morning fixated on the above infographic, developed by journalist (and DJ) Denise Benson, which maps out the eras, subgenres, venues, and even media outlets the city’s music scene has hosted. AUX even makes an appearance in 2009 (yay us!).

We’re using it to trace the roots of our fave musicians: See how Drake links to Dream Warriors. Or how Peaches is linked to Blue Rodeo. Or how Chris Sheppard relates to Austra (!!!). The infographic is roughly broken down into the electronic, hip hop / reggae, and rock streams–and it’s impressive to see how much ground is covered.

Check a preview of the infographic above, and stare at a full-sized version here.

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