This Instagram account dedicated to cats on amps is glorious

May 26, 2015

Fact: musicians, sound engineers, and producers love cats. Why, nobody really knows – although my guess would be that we’re usually away too much with gigging and recording/are too much of irresponsible man-children to meet the extra responsibilities a dog requires. Plus they’re hella cute. Anyway, from Ed Sheeran and his guitar sporting his cat’s paw print to the ability for a photographer to publish and entire book of popular metal musicians posing with their feline friends, it’s definitely a thing. So it’s no surprise that the appropriately named Cats on Amps Instagram account is proving to be a hit. Providing the double whammy of sweet high-end musical gear and the undeniable kitty ‘awww’ factor, it’s a musician’s dream. Feast your eyes on some of their choice pics in the gallery above – just make sure no one’s around to see you hold your heart and sigh.

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